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Massive Motor Engine Mounts NEON SRT 4 Turbo Solid Upper Lower Set 2003-2005

Massive Motor Engine Mounts NEON SRT 4 Turbo Solid Upper Lower Set 2003-2005

Massive Motor Engine Mounts NEON SRT 4 Turbo Solid Upper Lower Set 2003-2005

Made in USA - Products designed and built by. For Dodge Neon SRT4 2003 2004 2005'03'04'05, PT Cruiser GT Turbo 2.4. Revised Version 1.1 for superior lower mount clearance!! Install in place of the weak stock upper and lower mount assemblies.

The factory gave the SRT soft rubber mounts unable to harness the incredible torque of even stock cars. Excessive wheel hop plagues the car in standard form.

Not only is this an embarrassing stop light antic, but of course it will seriously impede your ability to smoke that Camaro or Cobalt in the next lane. This also puts incredible shock and abuse on all drive line components and is the leading cause of axle failure. Massive Speed's now offering their direct replacement mount system that not only eliminates the wheel hop, but offers a far stronger design so they can handle the elevated power levels you're after. Massive employed EXCLUSIVE TIG welded tube construction to create the strongest possible mount. Custom spec high durometer polyurethane bushings dampen just enough so your car won't vibrate you to death. ALSO included, a complete HIGH STRENGTH HARDWARE kit for passenger side mounts! Even stock SRT's have been know to break OE hardware, and with the added stiffness of your new mounts, failure of low grade stuff is inevitable. We selected the highest quality fully coated grade 10.9 European cap screws for the ultimate in strength. See our other listings for. If you need assistance, let us know and we'll walk you through it! Should take less than 1 hour for the average car guy (or girl). Custom made of high carbon steel for superior durability. Quality made right here in the U S A!!! We are the Neon performance pros!

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Massive Motor Engine Mounts NEON SRT 4 Turbo Solid Upper Lower Set 2003-2005